9 / 2006

United Kingdom - Leather ladies "Penis Shoe" designed by Vivienne Westwood - 1994

High heeled shoes with pointed toes have no practical sense whatsoever. They have no functional or utlitarian value and make standing and walking precarious and tiring. There's no logic for their existence. Yet they have persisted for centuries as one of the most ingenious and popular instruments ever created for the erotic stimulation of men and women alike. No other item of attire has such a positive phallic identity as the high heel. Women endure masochistic foot distress and deformation, knowing the sexual effects high heels and pointed shoes convey. The phallicism of the heel itself makes it appear as though the woman has taken possession of the male's genital powers by standing on it. In fact a significant number of women and girls are known to use the high thin heels and pointed toes of their shoes to masturbate. For this practice, Westwood created above useful design as part of her "Erotic Zones" collection.

Research and text by : W.A.H.M. Habraken-Oosterhout-Holland
Illustration by : Colin Ball - Waalwijk - Holland