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205 mm x 255 mm
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Book: Did the Gods wear shoes

The preperation of hsi book 'Tribal and Ethnic Footwear of the World' led him, among others, to the question: "who wore the first shoes?". In search of the answer to that question, he has travelled the world numerous times again, this time however with a different angle on collecting footwear than before. He discovered the answer is hidden under many layers of history which lead us back in time to the creation of man himself...

Did the Gods wear shoes

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205 mm x 296 mm
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710 pages
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ISBN 90-76295-12-3
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Book: Tribal & Ethnic Footwear of the World

This book is based on the private collection of the author and is describing ethnographic footwear as a whole. It is a result of a unique collection of over 2500 pairs of shoes out of more than 155 countries, states and territories.

Tribal and Ethnic Footwear of the World

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Roularta Books
163 pages
ISBN 978 90 8679 064 7
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Book: Shoes Or No Shoes by Pierre Bogaerts

bookPierre Bogaerts and his wife developed Shoe-Art Swenters into an international renowned shoebusiness. You could count a lot of people from the art- and theatre scene among their clientele. Even the most famous artists were persuaded to hand over their shoes or a real piece of (shoe) art. 'Shoes Or No shoes' is the richly illustrated collection from their story.

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